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According to consumer Reports, over 8,200 people died in rollovers in 2009. From 1998 to 2009, SUV rollover driver fatality rates decreased from 43 per million to 12. The rate for car drivers dropped from 21 per million to 13. In the same period, the number of SUVs on the road increased dramatically. SUV rollovers still accounted for about 2,200 deaths in 2009.

The Large Truck Crash Causation Study undertaken by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration describes 239 crashes in which there was a truck rolled over. Half resulted from failing to adjust speed when driving through curves in the road, (mostly on-and off-ramps), consideration with some other contributing factors or issues are when a load being carried, maintenance of the brakes, road surface, and condition of an intersection. A second major crash contributor  involved  attention  issues,  simply being inattentive, or  having distractions that leads to a sudden direction change which causes a truck rollover. The third large crash contributor involved over-steering to the point of rolling over and steering corrections resulting in over steering.

  • Michael Smith was killed in Arkansas when his 1998 S-10 pickup truck left the roadway and rolled, ejecting Mr. Smith from the vehicle. The Smith family then sued GM  and then GM sent representatives to inspect the damage to pickup truck. While doing so, evidence was destroyed that would have revealed known defects. As a result of The truth was uncovered regarding GM destroying evidence and the family won the case.

  • Suzuki's own expert witnesses testified the automaker was aware of 213 deaths and 8,200 injuries involving Suzuki Samurai rollovers
  • Jerome Greene and was driving to Chicago.  He was with his gospel singing group They were traveling in a 15 passenger 2001 Dodge Ram Van.  The van rolled and two passengers were killed, and there was one passenger seriously injured.  These vans are defective and unreasonably dangerous.  A confidential settlement was reached with Chrysler on behalf of all the clients.

Sources of compensation for vehicle rollover accident injuries/losses

  • Owners and drivers of any vehicle on the road may be liable for the conduct of the driver and abiding by the traffic laws in each state. These car owners may range from the parents of drivers under the age of 18 to company entities providing their employees or contractors with automobiles. to aid them in their job.
  • Government units and agencies may share  traffic/auto accident if their services/technology/construction/maintenance or anything they are responsible to do fails in any way including abiding by state, county or city codes and proper regulations. See dangerous roads page
  • Insurance companies
  • Employers have the responsibility for any traffic/auto accident caused by their employees during the time of performing their job.
  • Lost wages if you take time off from your job, sick leave or a vacation time to recover from injuries due to an accident, we may be able to get compensation for this time away from work.
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Impairment of earning capacity
  • Life care expenses
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Loss of consortium (the services of an injured spouse)

  • Loss of advice including comfort, assistance, protection, counsel, companionship