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Time is priceless. If a victim lets too much time go by after an accident, valuable information my be lost, unattainable, or your statute of limitations may run out for the victim's legal case. In cases taht may involve any food or items that you have  purchased always keep the receipt (as proof of purchase and acts as a time stamp and verification of location and establishment). Keep in mind time is important, with the uncertain economy, there are many entities that suddenly file bankruptcy which makes it difficult to collect and recovery on your behalf. Act now and take the necessary steps:

(If you are in a traffic accident, assault & battery, explosion/fire, or a victim of any physical injuries or property damage or theft, it is wise to call 911 and call the police to the scene and get a police report right away.)


1) Collect the facts. Get names and contact information for all people and entities involved. Get names and contact information for insurance companies that can be involved. Write down the time, day, place of accident and who all is involved (where when and who). Even draw a diagram. Write down the series of events in timely order. Proceed to call the police and file a police report (be sure to get a copy of the report) if you have been injured, call 911 to the scene of the accident. If there is an animal attack involved, be sure to also contact Animal Control or the Sherrif's Department in addition to getting a police report.

2) Take down witnesses information. Name, contact number, find out if they live in the local area or out-of-state.

3) Take pictures of the place and damages with any camera including camera phone. Archive pictures in a safe place or secure file folder.

4) If you did not call 911 and you were injured, be sure to go to the emergency room or see a doctor right away (there are many affordable walk-in medical clinics). Get a health assessment of your physical or mental condition by a professional medical doctor.

5) Call us Hollingsworth & Mumen right away! See contact us page or send fill out immediate free case evaluation form.

Time is priceless!

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Act before the statute of limitations expires!