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Recent research indicates that one in 10 seniors have suffered some form of abuse at least once. The number of Americans 65 and over is projected to nearly double by 2030 because of the 74 million baby boomers born in 1946-64. The number of people 85 and over is rising at a faster rate. Up to 2 million seniors are abused, exploited or neglected annually as a result of statistics and reported case.  Experts say there could be many more that are not reported or acknowledged.

With the rising costs of living especially to run a for-profit nursing home, many of the nursing home businesses are decreasing their staff. The staff member to nursing home patient ratio is becoming larger which means less care and attention for your loved ones. Neglect, exploited, abuse, injuries or accidents going noticed becomes more severe or leads to another incident in many cases, this only compounds  the  situation.  Bloomberg  News  says
these horrific filings are on the increasing quickly.

It is important to note when lack of care (or abuse) happens with a patient, the chances of other patients having lack of care (or abuse/exploited) is very likely. This can really build up your case and the help the other victim as well.

Advice that we give is to never assume that your loved ones have care around the clock just because they are in a 24 hour facility and it is financially paid.

1) It is very wise to make 'impromptu' visits. Stop in the nursing home unannounced without letting anyone at the nursing home know about your visit in advanced and visit at random/different times and days.

2) Check for any unusual  marks, bruises, injuries ( even scalp) or bed sores.

3) Check to make sure clothes are clean and not soiled.

4) Make sure bedding is clean as well as bed pad under sheets.

5) Check room, floor and bathroom cleanliness.

6) Be sure that your loved one is getting the proper diet and eating a balanced meal (with fresh vegetables and fruit) provided 3 times per day with plenty of fluids to drink (dehydration can be a problem with the elderly).

7) Be sure there are proper shoes or padded warm slippers that are clean and not worn out.

At Hollingsworth and Mumen, we are not just attorneys, but we are  advocates of elderly abuse prevention. When it comes to family  members that are not getting the care they deserve, you need an attorney that will fight for your legal rights and your loved ones. With over a decade of legal experience, there are many ways that we can step in and help. Give us a call (See contact us) or send us the immediate free case evaluation form.


Sources of compensation for nursing home neglect or abuse injuries/losses

  • Wrongful Death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses

  • Nursing home owner/Nursing home insurance company.
  • Neglect/abuse
  • Life care expenses
  • Not fulfilling contractual obligations
  • Vocational rehabilitation