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  • Be sure the firm has at least a decade of solid experience.
  • Many large law firms have contracts with multiple outside law firms and they simply get compensated to hand off your case to these outside legal firms. These contracted firms have varying success rate and various funding/finances. 
  • The law firm you chose should have the financial backing to do a thorough job. In order to do a solid investigation that will win your case, and go all the way to trial if needed. This can be anywhere between $10,000-$100,000 plus. Many under financed firms will have to cut corners on your case and missing a detail can be detrimental to winning.
  • Through experience, our firm's proven developed protocols of legal methodologies really give us the edge to win or accept a large settlement on your behalf.
  • When selecting an attorney check to see if they have the expertise in the area of law that applies to your type of case (see menu for your specialty). Look for financial successes in past cases that parallel with your case.
  • Our law firm has over a decade of prevailing areas of expertise (see menu on left of this page for your area of law needed).