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Airbags were created to protect motorists and passengers. Most airbags will deploy upon impact, and some are faulty. An airbag will typically deploy based upon the impact of the vehicle. Depending upon the type of airbag it will inflate causing a less traumatic experience for the driver and passenger at the time of impact. When their is a child their should be a different setting regarding child car seat. At Hollingsworth and Mumen we know how to investigate defected products and get you the financial recovery you deserve if you have experienced an airbag catastrophe that resulted in an injury.

Statistics reveal, airbags save thousands of lives each year. While this number is staggering sometimes motorists can be severely hurt or in some cases die as a result of an airbag. It is highly recommended anytime you are operating a motor vehicle that is equipped with an airbag you should wear a seat belt.

Regarding the Hyandai Santa Fe model airbag issues

Santa Fe recall with 29,679 affected by a defect in the car’s “passive occupant detection system,” (PODS). It’s meant to sense when a seat is occupied so the  car can toggle the appropriate airbag on and off.

Affected Santa Fe units’ PODS system may malfunction by mistaking a smaller adult for a child and switching the airbag system off. In such a scenario, a warning light will indicate that the airbag isn’t functioning despite a passenger’s presence.

Airbags might also malfunction in the 2012-13 Hyundai Sonata, though in fewer units and with the opposite effect. In this case, 1,925 cars are at risk of accidental side curtain airbag deployment.

Regarding GM vehicle airbag issues

GM contended that the airbags were not designed to deploy in the accident; that the driver of the Chevy Trailblazer was not wearing her seatbelt; and even if the airbags would have deployed they wouldn’t have prevented the catastrophic injury.

Chrysler airbag issues recall of 900,000 Jeeps

775,000 older versions of the two Jeep models will be impacted in the U.S., along with 49,000 sold in Canada, 22,000 in Mexico and the rest distributed to other global markets.  While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the problem has not led to any accidents there have been a number of minor injuries caused by the inadvertent airbag deployments.

Toyota airbag recall Corolla and Matrix models

Recall involves about 752,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix cars sold in 2003 and 2004. According to Toyota, a control module is susceptible to short-circuiting. If that happens, it could cause their airbags and front seat pre-tensioners to inadvertently deploy.

Sources of compensation for faulty airbag injuries/losses

  • Insurance companies
  • Government units and agencies may share  traffic/auto accident if their services/technology/construction/maintenance or anything they are responsible to do fails in any way including abiding by state, county or city codes and proper regulations. See dangerous roads page
  • Employers have the responsibility for any traffic/auto accident caused by their employees during the time of performing their job.
  • Lost wages if you take time off form your job, sick leave or a vacation time to recover from injuries due to an accident, we may be able to get compensation for this time away from work.
  • Wrongful Death
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Impairment of earning capacity
  • Life care expenses
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Loss of consortium (the services of an injured spouse)

  • Loss of advice including comfort, assistance, protection, counsel, companionship
  • Punitive damages (if there was a deliberate disregard for the rights or safety of others)