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     At Hollingsworth & Mumen we have an edge over the other law firms:
  • Our consistent financial track record.
  • Our financial success allows us to afford to take your case  to trial if needed.
  • Our firm's developed proven protocols of legal methodologies and negotiation techniques really give us the edge to win your case  or accept a large settlement on your behalf.
  • Many large firms have contracts with multiple law firms and they simply get compensated to hand off your case to these outside firms/attorneys. These contracted firms have varying success rate and various ranges of funding/finances. Frequently they are completely separate entities than who you originally called.
  • Our skilled expertise has earned us high respect from insurance companies, defense attorneys and judges within Macomb Throughout the state of Michigan.
  • Our firm has over a decade of success in the areas of expertise (listed on the menu on the left).
Our firm takes walk-ins, as well as scheduled appointments. It is helpful when our potential clients fill out the SSL secured confidential form called 'IMMEDIATE FREE CASE EVALUATION' before we meet. This form also helps us prepare proper questions and is helpful when performing the case assessment when we evaluate your case.

At Hollingsworth & Mumen Law Firm we strongly believe that time is of the essence. We act swiftly to get all of your details and carry out a thorough investigation to get all of the facts and evidence to build a concrete case. We always prepare to go all of the way to trial if we do not settle out-of-court on your behalf.

In most cases, you do not pay us until we get paid. Most of our cases we take on as a 'contingency' bases where we only get a percentage of your financial recovery lawsuit. Therefore you can not afford not to use our services and expertise.